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CMHA HK 2024 Thriving at Work Webinar

CMHA HK 2024 Thriving at Work Webinar
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22 Feb 2024 

Date: Thursday, 22 February (9:00-9:45am)


Join us for the launch of the latest edition of the CMHA HK Guide to Thriving at Work. Since its original release in 2019, the CMHA HK Guide has served as a template for Hong Kong companies to address the workplace challenges that arise and impact employee mental health.

The 2024 edition of the guide reflects thoughtful revisions, incorporating insights from our member workshops, advancements in global mental health, and the distinctive perspectives of Hong Kong workplaces to offer a current view of the shifting workplace mental health landscape.


  • Introduction of the Three Pillars: We will present the integration of the MindForward Alliance Global Thriving at Work Framework's Pillars, designed to guide companies towards fostering a supportive mental health culture.
  • Updated Standards: We will discuss the refreshed Standards that outline key focus areas for organisations, tailored to the strategic objectives of the new Pillars.
  • New Initiatives: A look into the new Initiatives suggested for each Standard, providing a range of actionable steps that companies can consider for implementation.