membership benefits

Expert guidance, training, and support

  • Receive access to training on mental health for team
  • Receive regular information and updates on latest research and information in the industry
  • Learn from international experts and leading professionals on  workplace mental health
  • Access to qualified team of clinical professionals for crisis support, if required

Increased visibility and public profile

  • Company logo on website & recognition of leadership
  • Opportunities to host events targeting areas of mental
    health and wellbeing aimed at employees
  • Invited to respond to media requests and increase public
    profile on mental health
  • Contribution to CMHA HK development of training,
    tools, research and information

Data-driven customized strategy

  • Participate in and receive individualized results from
    research and data collection to inform strategy
  • Receive research results benchmarked by sector, and
    aggregated across Hong Kong
  • Support and consultancy on mental health strategy
    based on research results and in-depth discussion of
    company needs

Leading network & access to industry best practice

  • Access to other members’ knowledge & experience
  • Access to toolkits and guidance developed by CMHA HK
  • Collaborate with leading organizations
  • Extension of internal diversity or wellbeing network
  • Sharing of best practice across organizations

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