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Successful campaigns in several countries have brought more publicity and society’s attention to the issue of poor mental health in the corporate workplace, but in Hong Kong, many issues including stigma and cultural factors continue to discourage open discussion.

The aim of the report is to raise understanding and awareness, encourage employers to consider putting in place appropriate measures to support employee mental health and encourage further research and debate.

To assess the nature of the problem and provide a benchmark for Hong Kong based employers, the CMHA HK, together with Oliver Wyman, launched its first mental health survey.

Global Resources

A toolkit developed by CMHA members in the UK to help businesses become mentally healthy workplaces.

An annual insight (2018) into the state of general practice.

Our work has revealed that the UK is facing a mental health challenge at work that is much larger than we had thought. Not only is there a big human cost of poor mental health at work, there are also knock on impacts for society, the economy and Government.

Understanding and improving the health and well-being of employees can save businesses billions of dollars every year. That’s why identifying risks to employee health and addressing the problems are critical to improving business performance.

This research is designed to highlight the business case for addressing mental health in the workplace, increase understanding on the issues in Asia and highlight the role the corporate sector can play to impact positive change.


Hong Kong HR Toolkit - main legal considerations for mental well-being at work

Linklaters & CMHA HK have collaborated to provide a Hong Kong HR Toolkit around the main legal considerations for mental well-being at work. The Toolkit is intended to highlight issues and not to be comprehensive, nor to provide legal advice.

1 in 1
people in HK are currently experiencing a mental health problem, or will in their lifetime
1 %
working time lost due to absence and presenteeism
1 hrs
a week, the longest working city hours in the world
1 %
of HK adults experience insomnia