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Dr Olya Zayts
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Dr Olya Zayts

Olya arrived in Hong Kong in December 2003 after completing her PhD studies in St. Petersburg, Russia, and she has researched and taught in Hong Kong ever since. Her areas of expertise and research interests broadly include health communication in setting related to mental health, genetic health and Chinese medicine among others. She has a long-standing collaboration with public hospitals and healthcare institutions in Hong Kong. She has also done extensive research in a number of large international corporations and privately owned business.

She currently directs Research and Impact Initiative for Communication in Healthcare at the University of Hong Kong (HKU RIICH), that is part of the International Consortium for Communication in Healthcare. Other key stakeholders of the consortium include Australian National University, Harvard University, Nanyang Technological University , University College London, Queensland University of Technology and Lancaster University. Olya has published extensively on various aspects of healthcare communication, and she is the Founding Editor of the book series "Language, Health and Culture" (Routledge). Currently she is busy working on a book-length manuscript "Happy Thriving Workplaces" (with Zoe Fortune), and pursuing her second advanced degree in Public Health.