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Thriving at Work Assessment


Thriving at Work Self-Assessment Survey

Since 2019, to support the design and implementation of workplace mental health and wellbeing strategies, CMHA HK has offered members an annual self-assessment survey based on the CMHA HK Guide to Thriving at Work  as part of their membership.

From August 2021, the Thriving at Work Self-Assessment Survey is also available to non-CMHA HK members for a fee. Please contact our team to find out more.

The self-assessment survey gives companies a structured framework to assess their company’s progress toward developing a mentally healthy workplace and helps to highlight any gaps and areas companies can focus on to achieve their workplace development goals. The on-line survey takes around 20-30 minutes to complete and all data entered remains confidential to the company and CMHA HK.

Once completed the data is analysed and CMHA HK creates an individual company report setting out the company’s results in comparison with the aggregated results from other companies. The report gives an overall score and individual scores for each of the 8 Standards and various initiatives of the Guide.

All companies who complete the survey are offered a 1:1 meeting with members of the CMHA HK team to review the results and identify how progress can be made to move to the next level. The Maturity Matrix shows the four levels of achievement used in the Guide and the self-assessment survey.

Thriving at Work Assessment Report