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Quarterly Bulletin


CMHA HK Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Quarterly Bulletin

The aim of our bulletin is to help  synthesise the latest information relating to workplace mental health and wellbeing in order to support companies in the Asia region. 

View past editions here:

Apr 2024  - Mindforward Alliance Global Workplace Mental Health Summit 2024

Q1 2024  - The CMHA HK Guide to Thriving at Work

Q4 2023  - What Are The Key Components Of Authentic Leadership? 

Q3 2023  - CMHA HK 2023 Thriving At Work Assessment Results

Q2 2023  - Parents’ Toolkit: Supporting the Mental Health of Children and Young People

Q1 2023  - Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace - Survey of Hong Kong Employees

Oct 2022  - World Mental Health Month

Sep 2022  - World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

Sep 2022  - World Mental Health Day 2022

Aug 2022  -   Putting the wellbeing of employees into the ‘S’ of your ESG strategy

April 2022  - Mental Health and Wellbeing: Early in Careers

March 2022  - Special Edition: Covid-19 Resources

February 2022  - Supporting Employee Wellbeing In Uncertain Times

October 2021  - Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing: What are HK companies doing?

September 2021  - World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

August 2021  - 5 ideas to participate in World Mental Health Day 2021

July 2021  - Continuing with our CMHA HK Storytelling Series, we have compiled some tips and strategies to create your own storytelling initiative and listed some existing storytelling resources and campaigns in our region.

May 2021  - Brian H, a former COO shares his personal story about being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, gastritis and burnout.

March 2021  - Continuing with our CMHA HK Storytelling Series, Justin C, Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman  shares his personal story of experiencing an episode of burnout during his career and his transition back to the workplace.

February 2021  - Introducing the CMHA HK Storytelling Series with our inaugural story from Gareth B, Director at HSBC HK . Gareth shares his insights and personal experience of being diagnosed and living with bipolar disorder

January 2021  - Featuring Jo Loughran,   Director of Time to Change 

December 2020  - Featuring Carmen Yau , Chairperson of the Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong

November 2020  - Featuring  Aaron Stadlin-Robbie , founder of Talking Mental

October 2020  - Featuring  Sakshi Kumar , Mental Health professional and Programme & Content Manager at Community Business

September 2020  - Featuring Dr Paul Wong , D.Psyc. (Clinical) and Associate Professor at HKU