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TAW2: Staying Mentally Healthy in Uncertain Times

TAW2: Staying Mentally Healthy in Uncertain Times
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This training module combines elements of resilience training and mental health awareness, recognising signs of stress and anxiety in yourself and others, and highlights the importance of recognising events that are outside our control. We examine adjustments individuals have made to deal with change associated with various forms of lockdown across the APAC region in response to COVID-19, including working from home, and the need to stay flexible as our working arrangements change in response to the number of COVID-19 cases increasing and decreasing. 

We will also examine strategies to adopt when faced with persistent change.

我們查考了亞太地區人們為應對COVID-19 而採取的各種形式的封鎖而所做出的調整行為,包括在家工作,以及隨著我們的工作安排因 COVID-19 確診個案而需要保持靈活性的增加和減少。