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F1: General Mental Health Awareness

F1: General Mental Health Awareness
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The GMHA training aims to increase awareness and understanding of mental health in the workplace. It provides employees with insights which enable them to recognise behavioural changes in either themselves or their colleagues, which may be due to factors related to stress, or anxiety and depression – the two most common forms of mental ill-health in the workplace. The training includes strategies employees can use to check-in with their colleagues if they have
concerns about their mental health as well as how to look after our own mental health.

GMHA 培訓旨在提高工作場所對心理健康的認識和理解。 它為員工提供洞察力,使他們能夠識別自己或同事的行為變化,行為變化可能是由於與壓力、焦慮和抑鬱相關的因素 - 這是工作場所中最常見的兩種精神疾病形式。
員工如果擔心他們的心理健康以及了解如何照顧自己的心理健康, 同事與員工可以經過培訓用來達成一些策略。